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What is Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor Central is the platform for product suppliers (vendors) that Amazon sells and ships directly. These companies can manage their entire business with Amazon through Vendor Central.

From here, the company can manage its business in any market where it has a presence.

Some of the tasks that the company can carry out through the Amazon Vendor Central platform include managing the product catalog, accepting and canceling purchase orders from Amazon, performance as a supplier/vendor, and so on.

amazon vendor central

Consulting and management of your Amazon Vendor Central

Definition and implementation of the strategy and operation of your Vendor Central.

The WOW patio is an agency specialized in Amazon. Our team advises and helps with the management of the different functions involved in having an Amazon Vendor Central account, regardless of the sector in which your company is located.

How can we provide support for your Vendor Central?

We are your agency for the integral management of  Vendor Central

🗓️ Strategy and planning: We analyze and define the most suitable strategy for your company if you use Vendor Central on Amazon.

📊 Purchase orders and margins: Control and monitoring of prices/costs, as well as inventory to optimize sales opportunities and maximize profits.

💨 Management and improvement of purchase terms on Amazon Vendor: We help you improve the purchasing conditions of your products and the contract you have with Amazon.

📈 Marketing and advertising: Management and optimization of campaigns in the advertising console of Amazon Vendor Central.

Operational performance and supply chain of the Amazon Vendor account: Optimization of processes at the warehouse and order level (both direct delivery and purchase orders).

Amazon Vendor Central UK & USA

As a specialized agency, at The WOW patio we advise companies that seek to professionalize the management of their Amazon Vendor Central in UK & USA.

Amazon Vendor Central UK & USA as a basis for internationalization.

We offer you our experience and extensive knowledge of the Amazon ecosystem to help you internationalize your company through Vendor Central in UK & USA. Whether you already have an international Amazon Vendor account or haven’t taken the plunge yet, at The WOW patio, we help you develop a sales channel on Amazon throughout Europe (and even other markets).

Internacionalization of your Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon seller central españa y resto de paises

Amazon Vendor Central Europe(+)

We are proficient in Vendor Central for UK and other European countries, as well as those in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and emerging markets when it comes to Amazon sales (such as the United Arab Emirates, Australia, etc.).

At The WOW patio, we provide advice and support in the internationalization of your company through the Global Listing offered by Amazon Vendor Central in Europe and other international markets.

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Our guide of Amazon Vendor Central

Vendor Central of UK, Europe + USA and international markets

At The WOW patio, we constantly update our guide. 

Designed to help companies selling on Amazon in UK, Europe, and other markets who are new to the Amazon ecosystem. The guide is aimed at resolving important concepts and answering common questions.

Questions and answers to master Amazon Vendor Central in a professional way

Companies or individuals cannot register themselves on the Vendor Central portal, unlike the Seller Central portal. Access to Vendor Central is through an invitation sent by Amazon, which the seller will accept or reject.

At this point, the negotiation process between the company and Amazon will begin to define the terms in which the former will provide products to the latter (there is usually not much room for negotiation unless the company is a large and influential brand).

Some of the characteristics that companies invited by Amazon usually have are:

  1. Existing brands that have high demand on Amazon

  2. Companies that are gaining a lot of visibility with their products

  3. Exhibitors at fairs and trade shows with products that promise to achieve a high level of sales

At The WOW patio, we help you achieve good results on Amazon Seller so that you can become part of Vendor.

To log in to Amazon Vendor once the seller has their invitation, they only need to access the website that corresponds to their location:

Later, the email address will be entered (if the company already had an Amazon Seller account, the same one will be used) and then the verification code that Amazon has sent.

The functions are different from those that a company with a Seller Central account can perform, since in Vendor, the end customer is not the consumer, but Amazon. In short, the seller has to remain attentive to:

  • Managing the orders that the marketplace makes to them and controlling the amount of stock they have at all times
  • Staying aware of the account’s performance, customer feedback, and how their sales are evolving or not
  • Despite the fact that the stock becomes part of Amazon, everything related to product information, images, descriptions, advertising or the creation of the Store, is part of the company’s work
  • Keeping track of payments and invoices as they would if they were selling the product directly to the end customer.


Purchase orders from Amazon are received several times a week, although if the product becomes increasingly popular on the platform, Amazon may place a greater number of orders during the week.

Amazon will always try to have an optimal amount of stock in its logistics centers, that is, one that allows it to supply all orders and have a little extra in case of an increase in sales. This extra amount of items will not be too large so as not to risk storing units that do not end up selling.

Yes. Using both platforms to sell the products allows the company to minimize risks by diversifying the sales of the products. For example, if Amazon ever runs out of stock, the company can continue to fulfill orders. However, this is not a recommendation in itself.

With an Amazon Vendor account, the company will increase the visibility of its products as it has many more possibilities of obtaining the buy box. In addition, it leaves the sales and after-sales management in the hands of Amazon. This allows the seller to focus on other products that are only available through Seller, for example.

It all depends on the company’s goals. We can establish two differentiations in a simple way:

  • If the company wants to continue to have control over the product’s price, be able to establish offers when it deems convenient and, in short, be the total owner of the product, it should use Seller Central.
  • On the other hand, if it is a product that does not require much maintenance because it has good results and the company simply needs someone else to manage orders, storage, and distribution, the best option is to use Vendor Central. Additionally, this is the most appropriate option if one wants to create a large business.

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